Shadowrun Returns shares a look at the world

Shadowrun Returns hit its Kickstarter goal back in April, and since then the team has been working on creating the world. With some solid work under its belt, developer HareBrained Schemes has decided it's time to take the wraps off and show us some of the artwork.

A developer blog post shows off the art style, with colorful 3D characters against isometric 2D backgrounds. "When we started our Kickstarter campaign, we had a much more modest game in mind," the blog states. "But as the funding grew by a factor of five, our aspirations (and our Backers’ expectations) grew by an even larger multiple. We’re working very hard to meet (and maybe even exceed) those higher expectations."

The blog notes that you can choose your sex and pick from a variety of races -- Human, Dwarf, Elf, Ork, and Troll. Then you can pick skin tones, skill concentrations, and various pieces of apparel to wear. These stack up to quite a few combinations, but the blog shows a few character sheets of concept art next to in-game models. It also shows some environmental scenes, but notes that these were created in Photoshop since the game engine is still in development.

Both the characters and environments are subject to change, and the blog concedes that it "hopes" it can make the game renders carry all the same effects as the art team chose for the environment concepts. But it looks like a nice start, and more than we've seen of most Kickstarter projects.