Joe Danger 2: The Movie rides out next week

Joe Danger 2: The Movie may be the last chapter in Joe Danger's career before he retires, but my, what a conclusion it'll be! Developer Hello Games today confirmed that its stunt-tastic race-o-platformer will launch on Xbox Live Arcade on September 14, bringing everything from mine carts and unicycles to dinosaurs and a newspaper route.

Joe Danger 2 chronicles Joe's movie career from a mere bloke on a motorbike who does some jumps and stuff to a snowmobile-riding, attack helicopter-dodging, robot-battling superstar.

The game will cost $15 (1,200 Microsoft Points). Hello Games has only confirmed an Xbox 360 release so far, but seeing as the series debuted on PlayStation 3, one expects it'll hit that too.

Here's the most recent trailer: