Rift: Storm Legion thundering out in November

As the nights draw in, you may be searching for something meaty to subsist on as you hibernate in a nest of blankets for the winter. Arriving on November 13, hoping to be your delicious meal, is Rift's hefty expansion Storm Legion, which triples the MMORPG's world size.

Along with adding another two continents to the world of Telara, Storm Legion boosts the level cap by 10, adds four Souls to tinker with classes, gives players and guilds customisable housing, and of course brings monsters and items and mounts and pets and all that jazz. It's an MMO expansion.

You can pre-order Storm Legion now for $40 to score early access to its 'Exodus of the Storm Queen' dungeon and a bonus in-game cape, or pay $70 extra for the Infinity edition to get an extra mount, pet and personal teleporter too. If you don't already own the base game, you can pay an extra $10 to get that thrown in too.

Trion Worlds released new Storm Legion screenshots and this trailer today too:

BOOM video 13758