Battlefield 3 'Armored Kill' patch goes live

While Battlefield 3's Armored Kill DLC is only available today for Premium PS3 players, every platform is getting its own patch to accompany the upcoming downloadable content. The update brings a whole host of changes, mostly to weapon balance and performance tweaks.

"A number of weapons have had their reload timers adjusted to better fit their animations and gameplay balance. For most of these weapons the gameplay timers were slightly out of sync with the actual reload animation, meaning the player could either fire before the animation was done, or had to wait longer than the animation played," reads the patch notes on the Battlefield Blog. "A select set of weapons have had their recoil adjusted based on joint community feedback and statistical analysis to provide greater balance in the weapon choices players make." The full notes are available at the link.

For those who are playing on PlayStation 3 with a Premium subscription, Armored Kill adds new drivable vehicles, new unlocks, four new maps, and a Tank Superiority mode. Next week, Premium PC and Xbox 360 users will get their turn, followed by standard PS3 players on September 18, and standard PC and Xbox 360 users on September 25.

Check out the new DLC trailer below.

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