Brothers in Arms: Furious 4 reworked, cut loose from BiA series

Brothers in Arms: Furious 4 was a curious announcement from Gearbox at E3 2011, both because it went silent almost immediately and because, well, it seemed to be a very silly game for what was once a po-faced World War 2 shooter series. CEO Randy Pitchford said that it was "evolving" a few months back, then over the weekend at PAX Prime revealed it's been split off from BiA so Gearbox can go crazy with it.

Whatever Furious 4 is now, it's no longer a Brothers in Arms game, with a mysterious new name. Gearbox is hosting its annual Community Day on September 15, so we may hear a little more then.

Pitchford hinted to Kotaku that, like Borderlands mixes FPS and RPG, Furious 4 is now a a genre hybrid too, though he wouldn't say which genres it was smooshing together. He explained that cutting loose from BiA gave Gearbox the freedom to do whatever it fancied, though it hardly seemed to be holding back with Furious 4 in the first place.

Here's that old announcement trailer again:

BOOM video 9308