Weekend Confirmed 128 - Guild Wars 2, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, Walking Dead

by Jeff Mattas, Aug 31, 2012 11:00am PDT

In this week's game-packed episode of Weekend Confirmed, Garnett Lee, Jeff Cannata, and Jeff Mattas are joined by regular guest Christian Spicer, and special guest Phillipe Bosher of Buried in the Credits. The crew discusses whether or not Guild Wars 2 brings a breath of fresh air to the MMO space, and a host of other games get some love as well. Forza Horizon, The Walking Dead, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, and Thirty Flights of Loving are just some of the games on tap for critical dissection. And of course, things get wrapped up with a healthy dose of Finishing Moves.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 128: 08/31/2012

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  • So I'll preface this post with a couple warnings. First warning, the first part of this post will spoil Walking Dead Episode 3. Second warning, I think this is going to come off way more negative than I feel. I like the game, but am having some major issues as time goes on. Ok, spoilers from here until I close the warning.

    Ok, Telltale really blew the whole "story decisions matter" with Episode 3. They officially need to stop telling me at the beginning of an episode that my decisions matter, when clearly they don't. In Episode 2, they pretty much wrote off the major character death choice of episode 1 by sidelining the other character. This episode, they freaking kill off that character. It feels super cheap and mechanical. Episode 2's major choice of Kenny vs Lily is also completely written around this episode as well. No matter what choice you made, Lily is going to end up leaving or dead. That choice no longer matters. Seriously, they've funneled these decisions way more down than they need to. Especially with that warning in front of each episodes, it makes it feel even more mechanical and off-putting. Does that moment when the episode 1 character dies work on an emotional level? Sure, but that doesn't change the fact the decision was clearly made to funnel people's choices to where they want them to be for Episode 4. I've been seriously taken out of the game now. I no longer feel like there's a reason to care about the choices. I still love the narrative and game, but the major draw has completely been blown out the window. The only thing Telltale has done with the choices is make the characters react differently to me depending on what I've done. I give Telltale credit for that. It's neat. The problem comes when those characters will probably be dead next episode anyway. Why should I care what they think?

    Ok, spoilers done.

    Like I said, I like the game a lot. I just hope Telltale can restore my faith in their writing in future episodes.

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