Torchlight 2 launching September 20

The original Torchlight came out when Diablo III still seemed woefully far away, and more than filled that gaping action-RPG hole with its charming clicking ways. The sequel was once supposed to launch before but it turns out we're all still just as excited for Torchlight II even though Blizzard beat it to the click-punch. Good news! Developer Runic Games has finally announced that it'll launch for PC and Mac on September 20.

You can pre-order Torchlight II from Gamefly, Steam and the other usual places for $20, with a free copy of the original thrown in as a bonus. Alternatively, $60 four-packs are floating around, saving you $20 if you club together with some chums, because surely you own Torchlight by now.

The sequel introduces online co-op, above-ground sections, and loads more monsters, skills, items, unique areas, music, and other things one expects from an action-RPG.

Runic will live-streaming a little discussion about the release date, and showing off a new trailer, at 9am Pacific today if you want to see more.