Professor Layton 6 to be Hershel's 'final adventure'

It's time to say goodbye to Level-5's Professor Layton. The sixth game in the franchise, Layton Kyouju to Choubunmei A no Isan, is being described as the top hat wearing detective's final adventure. Coming to the 3DS, this story takes place one year after Miracle Mask (which releases in the US in October). According to Andriasang, this adventure centers around the discovery of a living mummy.

The franchise has sold over 13 million copies over five games, making it incredibly unlikely Level-5 will put the series to rest. The company's English language Facebook page confirms that this will be the last adventure for Hershel Layton, but leaves open the possibility of other games in the franchise. "Hold on to your top hats... The sixth installment and final adventure of Professor Hershel Layton was announced in Japan last night!"

Here's a peek at the upcoming game: