Six Flags, Capcom partnering for Resident Evil 6 Fright Fest promotion

You may recall an announcement last month that Konami is partnering with Universal Studios to make Silent Hill-themed Halloween attractions. Not to be outdone, Capcom and Six Flags announced their own spooky partnership today, resulting in "Resident Evil 6 Flags Night." Nothing says scary quite like clever marketing opportunities.

If you pre-order from GameStop starting August 30, you'll get a discount on a Six Flags Fight Fest ticket, a free haunted attraction voucher, and exclusive ride time on some roller coasters. Six Flags will then brand itself as "Resident Evil 6 Flags Night" on October 6. The parks will have game demo stations and street teams will give away Resident Evil 6 prizes.

You can also enter a Fright Fest Getaway sweepstakes, to win a trip to any Six Flags theme park in the US, admission tickets, front line privileges, meal vouchers, and RE6 merch.

Resident Evil 6 is due on October 2.