Two indie bundles launch today

Heads-up, bargain hunters and cheapskates. Both Steam and Indie Royale have launched new indie bundles, highlighting some under-the-radar games. Steam's "Best of British Indie Bundle" features six games from across the pond, while Indie Royale's "Getaway Bundle" is so named for its variety of exotic settings--and not for The Getaway.

The Steam bundle includes DEFCON, Eufloria, Frozen Synapse, Gratuitous Space Battles, Revenge of the Titans, and Time Gentlemen, Please! All of that will cost you a cool $9.99.

Additionally, the latest Indie Royale collection includes the multiplayer FPS Shattered Horizon, the visual novel Analogue: A Hate Story, the 2D shooter Super Amazing Wagon Adventure, point-and-click adventure Da New Guys, dual-stick shooter Waves, and an alpha of the retro RPG MiniFlake. The current minimum is hovering around $5, but if you pay $8 or more, you'll also get the 41-track chiptune compilation Handheld Heroes Volume One. Plus, if you're among the top five contributors, you'll get a bona fide meteorite. Seriously.