Morning Keefinated! -- Neil, Guild Wars 2, OnLive and #playnice

Good morning, Shack! It's the start of a new week, and time for the launch (or reformatting) of the Shack morning show. I'll be up bright and early each morning to bring you a Keefinated dose of sunshine, so put a cap on that coffee and get comfortable. For those reading this for the first time, the Morning Keefinated has been appearing regularly in Shack Chatty for two weeks, and irregularly since I started in March. Now you get easy indexing, a list of tags (at the bottom) to quickly access popular Shack features and my semi-coherent rambling on a variety of topics, some of them being game-related. So let's get this rolling, albeit on a sad note.

RIP Neil Armstrong

For those unaware, Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, has died at age 82. If you don't know who he is, just think of him as Commander Shepard of the late 1960s. Yeah, this isn't game-related (unless you look here) but some things transcend our chosen field. This is one of them, as I grew up a NASA kid. My Dad lived, ate and breathed NASA. He had the privilege of working with the astronauts on a daily basis and he called almost all by their first names. Neil Armstrong was one of them. When Armstrong landed on the moon on July 20, 1969, we watched as a family, listening to Walter Cronkite, but my Dad was like a giddy little boy watching his friend do something amazing. In those tense moments as the Eagle descended to the moon, my Dad was almost white-knuckled. Keep in mind that I was 11 at the time. That's how much all this made an impression on me. And when the word came that "The Eagle has landed," my Dad finally stopped holding his breath. When Armstrong started his descent down the ladder, we all knew we were watching history. And when boot touched lunar dust, my Dad's eyes welled up and I think I heard the faintest "Atta boy, Neil." The passing of Neil Armstrong is truly the end of an era, a harkening back to when the space program meant something and pride took a front seat. And while the world offers its respects to a quiet, humble hero who never really liked the limelight, I offer this tribute to Neil through the eyes of my Dad. I'd like to think that the two of them are enjoying some great NASA recollections overlooking the Milky Way.
* * * * *
focalbox Guild Wars 2 launched over the weekend for people who plopped down money early for the game (it launches Tuesday for everyone else). Ozzie has taken up the mantle of coverage of the game for us. It seems quite a few of you are excited by this MMO, so we'll do our best to give you some fun coverage. Ozzie's been doing some great work, especially with games related to Valve.
* * * * *
What happened to the folks at OnLive sucked, especially the way it went down. Steve Perlman, CEO of the cloud company that now appears to be in a grounded fog, donated $50,000 to a COBRA fund set up for the displaced ex-employees. Guilty conscience there, Steve-o? The good news is that Microsoft appears to be looking to hire some of these lost souls and is hosting a party for many of them later today. Could MS be looking at Sony's gobbling of Gaikai and planning it's own initiative? Hmmm ...
* * * * *
I'll conclude this rather long initial edition with some random thoughts: I fully support @SusanArendt and her #playnice initiative on Twitter ... Don't you really wish you had even 1/100th of the money that changed hands between the Dodgers and Red Sox on Saturday? Just sick ... Only $100,000 left until we will get Planetary Annihilation! Keep giving people. Total Annihilation was the best RTS ever, bar none ... Flashback: With the NFL season right around the corner, I know a bunch of folks are gearing up for Madden NFL 13, but long before that, there was Atari Football in the arcade. Man I miss that game. What game do you miss? Have a good day, and play well. Keef
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