The Secret World Issue 2 delayed due to layoffs

More bad news for The Secret World, Funcom's newly launched subscription MMO. The next content update, "Issue 2: Digging Deeper," has been delayed. Originally planned for an August 28th release, it has been pushed back to September 11th.

Oddly, Funcom has been upfront about the reason for the delay, noting that the company's recent downsizing has affected development. "As you may know, this week has been a challenging one for everyone at Funcom. We initiated a process of reducing costs after the launch of The Secret World and this has naturally affected the production schedule as we work on readjusting the team and our internal development processes," the company said in a statement.

Although Funcom says the layoffs are "temporary," it's clear that future updates will be affected by the downsizing. Still, the company insists that "we are working hard to get back on track as soon as possible... We will also continue to push out regular content like announced before."

"We appreciate your understanding and we apologize for the inconvenience," the company concluded.