The World Ends With You coming to iOS

Cult classic DS game The World Ends With You is coming to iOS devices, Square Enix has revealed. Titled "The World Ends With You - Crossover," the port adds new tracks from Kingdom Hearts 3D, a game in which the Neku makes a cameo appearance.

However, that might not be the only addition to the stylish JRPG franchise. Square Enix's Japanese countdown site is still ongoing, meaning there could be more surprises in store.

Brian Gray, the lead translator on The World Ends With You, tweeted (via Siliconera): "Before everyone decides the #twewy countdown is over, they might want to wait for the countdown to be over. #moredripthanleak" Of course, Square Enix is known for making bizarre side projects, so while fans are looking forward to a sequel, the countdown could reveal anything.