Final Fantasy Dimensions launching on iOS and Android next week for $29

It's time to face facts, everyone. We all humored Square Enix's wacky App Store pricing experiments, like asking $16 for Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions sans multiplayer when the PSP version (with multiplayer intact) costs almost half that amount. They're just figuring out what pricing models work, we thought. No harm in that.

But with today's announcement that Final Fantasy Dimensions will cost almost thirty bucks, the uncomfortable truth has become clear. The company has gone mad with power.

Square announced the pricing alongside the release date of August 31 on iOS and Android, along with a handful of screenshots. And to be fair, you don't have to pay the full amount to try out the game. The prologue will be delivered for free, and subsequent chapters will be be increasingly expensive. The first chapter will cost you $2.99, a bundle of chapters 2-4 will cost $9.99, and if you want to bite on the whole thing it will cost $28.99. Presumably, that means it's at least five chapters long.

The game looks to be a very retro-throwback title, so if you're itching for a classic Final Fantasy experience but just can't bring yourself to buy Final Fantasy IV again, it might be worth picking up.