Hot Shots Golf Vita getting PS3 port

If you're a virtual golfing enthusiast itching to play the latest in the Hot Shots series, you may have considered plunking down money for a Vita. But stop right there! Sony may be making that unnecessary, with a PlayStation 3 version on the way. It's only confirmed for Japan for now, but it could make the trip stateside.

Andriasang (via Joystiq) reports that the PlayStation 3 version will have PlayStation Move support. In addition, it will be cross-play compatible with the Vita version, allowing for cross-platform multiplayer. It will also add "Slot Mode," which adds perks via a slot machine mini-game, and "Minna no Short Course" with shorter holes for quicker matches. It will be available in Japan on November 6.

Shacknews has contacted Sony to find out more about a possible US version.