Binding of Isaac dev offering nine games in 'The Basement Collection'

Edmund McMillen has been making quite a name for himself, having worked on Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac. But, McMillen's been making games for quite some time--and he'd like his newfound fans to try some of his earlier games.

"I've been making games for almost 9 years... making freeware games for fun (and minor profit)," he wrote in an email. "A lot happened before SMB and Isaac, and I thought it would be awesome to take 8 of the best games from my freeware past, update them with new content, music, graphics and gameplay and re-release them in a nice tidy little package."

That package is The Basement Collection, which nine games from McMillen's past. It will be available on Steam for PC and Mac on August 31st.

Many of the games in the package have been updated with new levels, improved graphics, and better controls. In addition, every game has new achievements and development extras (such as design documents, character design sketches, audio and video commentary). Here's the full list:

  • Time Fcuk (with a new exclusive 33 level sequel chapter and updated level editor)
  • Aether (with improved graphics, physics, controls and extra bonus content)
  • Spewer (with a new exclusive 10 level bonus chapter, improved physics and controls)
  • Grey Matter (the 1st Team Meat game)
  • Triachnid (with improved mouse controls)
  • Meat Boy (with improved controls)
  • Coil
  • Secret game 1 (with new music, graphics, and gameplay)
  • Secret game 2

In addition, the collection will also include 15 minutes of never-before-seen stock video interview footage from Indie Game: The Movie, a full digital soundtrack spanning nearly every game in the collection, and more.