Max Payne 3 free multiplayer DLC out next week

Lest your games of online cops & robbers grow stale, Rockstar today confirmed that Max Payne 3's free multiplayer DLC pack 'Disorganized Crime' will launch next week. With a new map set on the rooftops of Hoboken and new Score Attack modifiers, it'll hit PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on August 28. It'll also add a cheeky little single-player option for classic noir fans. Headshots Only and Explosive Rounds modifiers will do exactly what they say on the tin when attacking those scores, while Lone Wolf boosts enemies' aggressive tendencies. The single-player Noir Mode "lets you play through the entire single-player campaign in the signature black & white style of classic film noir," Rockstar says. Though the non-stop violence, slow-motion stunts and huge explosions might detract somewhat from this noir-y atmosphere. Following Disorganized Crime, Rockstar plans to put out another three $10 DLC packs, released monthly until October. They'll be included with the DLC season pass, of course.

Ah, glamorous New Jersey!