Resident Evil 6 trailer details RE.net service

An online multiplayer service with stats and unlockables and all that jazz might not have been at the top of your wishlist for Resident Evil 6, but you're getting one. Capcom today dropped a trailer showing off what Resident Evil.net will bring, along with word that the console editions have gone gold.

The trailer explains that it's "built to enhance your Resident Evil 6 game experience," which sounds good. However, do be warned that you will need both a copy of Resident Evil 6 and an Internet connection to access this online service built for Resident Evil 6.

It'll offer in-depth stats for you and your chums, run regular challenges to win a virtual prize belt, track your high scores, hook into Facebook, unlock unique costumes and whatnot, and let you collect digital figurines. RE.net can hook into Facebook and Twitter and be available via a smartphone app too, if you must access Resident Evil data everywhere.

It certainly sounds like an expansive service but just seems odd for the Resident Evil series, showing how hard Capcom is pushing multiplayer--which just so happens to be more DLC-friendly. Resident Evil 6 shambles onto Xbox 360 and PS3 on October 2, with a PC edition following "soon."

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