What are you playing: Gamescom 2012

Gamescom 2012 is wrapping up, and you know what that means. More games to talk about. The fall gaming season is upon us, with the release list slowly starting to pick up pace this week, and publishers releasing previews and trailers galore in the hopes of earning your attention in the following weeks.

Did you see anything exciting this week? Let us know in the comments section! Check out our Gamescom 2012 coverage if you need a refresher.

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  • Garnett Lee: [Who needs weekdays when you've got the weekends?]

  • Andrew Yoon: I am trying to rush through Sleeping Dogs so that the Shacknews community can get a review.

  • John Keefer: After being eaten by a grue last week and using up one of my many lives, I have crawled back into Mass Effect 2. I have less than 2 weeks to get into Mass Effect 3 so I can get the new Leviathan DLC coming. I really want to know more about the Reapers.

  • Alice O'Connor: I intend to dance until the world ends. Should Saturday dawn, by some terrible stroke of misfortune, I'll curl up in a park with wine and books.

  • Jeff Mattas: I’m so excited that some new games came out that I don’t know what to do with myself! Okay, that’s a lie. Darksiders II, Sleeping Dogs, and Papo & Yo. Really hoping to check out Dust: An Elysian Tale as well.

  • Steve Watts: I'm still digging on Sound Shapes and The Walking Dead, but I'll be treating myself to a new Mario game on Sunday as well.

  • Ozzie Mejia: I'll be trying to stop the machine uprising in Team Fortress 2 before picking up New Super Mario Bros. 2 on Sunday."

  • Tyler J. Smith: The cel-shaded wasteland of Borderlands beckons me once more, since its sequel unlocks additional content with a saved game. Time to finish some downloadable content! I managed to get through The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned with a max level character, but everything after proved to be more troublesome. Time to absolve myself of that particular sin.