Dominion and Catan World for iOS, Android, and web launching soon

HTML5 gaming company Goko has launched today. So why should you care? Because their first two releases are based on some of the most popular board games today. The company has released the first licensed multiplayer version of Dominion and Catan World, a MMO based on Settlers of Catan.

Dominion will arrive soon, and will be available across Facebook, Google+, Goko.com, and as tablet apps on Google Play and Apple App Store. Catan Wrold will launch as a beta.

Many more games are in the works; Goko has acquired the rights for 150 games, including licenses from Mayfair Games, Rio Grande Games, Reiner Knizia, and more. "The company is partnering with brilliant developers worldwide to reimagine these popular board and card games for HTML5," the announcement states.

The Goko SDK will also be made available soon, giving developers the ability to create their own social games for use across iOS, Android, Facebook, Google+, Windows 8, and more.