GameStop DLC program allows remote downloads

Sales of digital downloads have become a new source of revenue for brick-and-mortar retailers. GameStop has been selling codes for digital games and DLC for quite some time, and plans on enhancing the experience by initiating remote downloads in-store.

A new system implemented by GameStop will let customers avoid inputting lengthy alphanumeric codes used for DLC purchases in the past. Instead, customers will receive an email link that will initiate the download remotely--even if they're still miles away from their console.

The system will initially role out to Xbox 360 consoles, but GameStop president Tony Bartel told Wired that it will "definitely" move to other platforms. "It's GameStop-specific, and it works with any code. We can take any of our partners and put them on our platform," he said.

While some may scoff at buying digital content through such an indirect method, GameStop lets customers buy DLC using credit earned for trade-ins, or with other non-credit card payment methods. For customers accustomed to buying their DLC in-store, this will certainly prove an added convenience.