Nvidia GTX 660 Ti offers Kepler for $299, includes Borderlands 2

PC gaming enthusiasts have long been pining for Nvidia's Kepler series. With full support for DirectX 11 features, TXAA, and PhysX, they represent the beginning of a new generation of gaming graphics. However, with the GTX 680 series costing upwards of $500 or more, the cards have been out of reach for many PC gamers. Today, Nvidia launches the GTX 660 Ti, the lowest priced entry in Nvidia's Kepler series. Not only do cards start at $299, it will be bundled with a voucher redeemable for a free copy of Borderlands 2, an attractive incentive for those already intending to buy the game. Of course, the 660 Ti represents a rather significant leap from Nvidia's last-generation Fermi cards, as evidenced by the stats they've provided. According to their press release, the 660 Ti is on average 41 percent faster than the 560 Ti from 2011.

Predictable performance gains over 2011

And while a performance boost is to be expected, perhaps the most interesting feature of the 660 Ti is its power consumption. By default, its TDP is 150 watts and uses two 6-pin connectors. That should make upgrading to this card a relatively painless experience for many.

GTX 660 Ti stats