Injustice nabs Catwoman

Injustice: Gods Among Us is a veritable who's who of DC's most well-known comic characters. So it should come as no surprise that Batman's lithe on-again, off-again romance will be clawing her way into the line-up. Warner Bros announced Catwoman as part of the roster today, who will fight among other announced characters like Cyborg, Superman, The Flash, and Wonder Woman.

Characters like Batman and Harley Quinn already stick out a bit next to the super-human roster, but at least they have technology and a big dose of crazy on their respective sides. Catwoman is just a particularly nimble thief, so even a backhand from Solomon Grundy should just flat-out kill her. But it is a fighting game based on comic books, after all, giving double the reason to ignore real-world logic for the sake of big punchy fun. Check out Catwoman's trailer below.

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