Dead Space 3 coming February 5

Today at its Gamescom press briefing, EA showed off the upcoming Dead Space 3, and announced a release date for the game. You'll be able to off necromorphs with a co-op buddy starting on February 5 of next year. The company is also offering bonuses for pre-ordering the Limited Edition.

Limited Edition pre-orders will get both the "First Contact" and "Witness the Truth" bundles, each of which includes a suit and weapon. First Contact comes with the Extra-Vehicular Activity suit, a bright red suit with thick armor, and the Negotiator weapon, a handheld Tesla beam with a bottom-mounted Linegun. Witness the Truth grants you spooky graffiti as put on the suits of a dig team that found something disturbing underground. It also packs the Evangelizer weapon, which is a standard assault rifle similarly decorated with symbols. Both weapons can be used as starter models for the new weapon crafting system as well.

Generally, an EA "Limited Edition" is the standard game with some extra goodies to reward you for pre-ordering, which is likely the case here as well. Shacknews will update as more information becomes available.

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