Routine trailer explores spooky moonbase

As 1980s sci-fi's vision of space is awesome, so permadeath is terrifying. Combine the two and you have Routine, a first-person exploration game set aboard a lunar base where something has gone terribly, terribly wrong and you're the poor sap who has to figure out what. Take care, as there are no health packs and death is permanent.

From developer Lunar Software, the first trailer gives us a little peek at the unsettling situations and things-which-would-go-bump-in-the-night-were-space-not-a-vacuum.

"Routine's Moon base will be a non linear experience that lets you explore any part of the base, including hidden areas that other players may not find, a number of randomized environmental hazards, AI locations and floppy disks to update the software for your Cosmonaut Assistance Tool!" Lunar explains. "Be immersed with deadzone aiming, full body awareness, no HUD, no health bars, just you and your ability to survive!" Hit the official site for more info.

Built upon Unreal Engine 3, Routine's slated for release on PC and Mac in "early 2013."