Adrift picked up by Capcom, renamed Remember Me

Cyberpunky action-adventure game Adrift was shown off by French studio Dontnod Entertainment at Gamescom 2011, then looking for a publisher, but drifted out of sight afterwards. Today, in advance of this year's Gamescom show, Capcom announced that it's picked Adrift up and renamed it Remember Me for release on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in May 2013.

Remember Me's set in Neo-Paris of 2084, a grubby wonderland of augmented reality and digital memory storage. Naturally, this leads to a market for messing with people's memories. Playing as mindwiped former memory hunter Nilin, you're off in search of your own memories, hacking into people's heads to steal information and affect their behaviour. She's pretty good at beating people up, too, and a dab hand at climbing.

Along with screenshots and an announcement trailer, we have a trailer showing off how Nilin can 'remix' people's memories to mess with their heads:

BOOM video 13538