Jagged Alliance: Back in Action dev making RPG

Coreplay jazzed-up turn-based strategy for modern audiences with Jagged Alliance: Back in Action, and now it's turning its revamp-o-tron onto to ye olde turne-based RPG. Publisher bitComposer today announced Chaos Chronicles, revisiting that ancient genre with modern intentions. Chaos Chronicles is slated for release on PC in 2013, but details are thin on the ground for now. "Players can explore numerous ancient ruins, mystical places, and mysterious dungeons alone or in a group of up to five players," bitComposer said in the announcement. "Chaos Chronicles unites the typical characteristics of classic turn-based role-playing games with modern graphics and a gripping atmosphere." Coreplay's listing for the game before a title was settled mentions that it's "designed to be expanded" with DLC releases which "constantly add new environments, items, enemies and quests," though it also lists console editions so a lot could've changed since then.

Five announcey screens