XCOM: Enemy Unknown to feature one-on-one deathmatch mode

While we were already quite enthused about XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Firaxis Games has announced yet another mode for the turn-based strategy game. For the first time in an XCOM (and X-COM) game, you'll be able to partake in one-on-one deathmatch shenanigans. "Players will be able to pick a squad of soldiers, aliens or even combine a squad of both unit types to create the ultimate mixed squad to command in battle," the announcement details.

While the gameplay, tactics, and strategy are all taken from the single-player campaign, multiplayer lives outside of the XCOM canon, making it an entirely standalone experience. "Players can mix and match both alien and soldier units to comprise their squad, outfitting soldiers with dozens of armor types, weapons, items and class-based abilities for thousands of possible loadout combinations." Like in the single player modes, there will be a fog of war that both sides will have to contend with.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown will be available in October.