Weekend Confirmed 125 - Bioshock Infinite, PixelJunk 4am, Skyrim: Dawnguard

By Jeff Mattas, Aug 10, 2012 11:00am PDT

Another rambunctious round of Weekend Confirmed has arrived! Garnett and "Indie Jeff" Mattas are joined by G4's Nikole Zivalich, and co-host Jeff Cannata rolls in a bit late to help close out the show's second half. This week's hot topics this week include the shake up at Bioshock Infinite developer Irrational Games, some talk about the Elder Scrolls V expansion, Dawnguard, and Garnett professes his appreciation for the unique music maker, PixelJunk 4am. Other topics--from iOS games to Sound Shapes--are tackled, before the cast's Finishing Moves wrap things up.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 125: 08/10/2012

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  • On the topic of "have you been mean" online before - of fucking course, though not recently. Not in the sense of being racist, homophobic, or sexist, but just general, cruel trash talk. Not just spouting off in the lobby for no reason.

    The first year or two I was playing on XBL, games like Halo 2 (I was about 15 or 16 at the time) would make me rage so hard when someone would spam a certain weapon or just dominate with cheap tactics. I would just send intelligence-insulting messages (both in content and in my language used :P) and otherwise dickish things. Sometimes they would flare right back, sometimes not.

    Thing is, Nikole is right. An hour or so down the road, I would just want to slap the shit out of myself and felt generally terrible. This was just a game! Why was I getting so worked up about it that I would actually insult another human being? It's really awkward, and seems absurd, to apologize in a private message, but I did it anyways. I couldn't rest until I did, even though in all likelihood, I'd never play with this person again, much less talk to them. That's just me. I felt even worse because most of the time, the guy on the other end was understanding and would often say things like "Dude, I get really pissed too sometimes in this game, don't think anything of it."

    It's kind of embarrassing to talk about, just because I was such a fucking idiot. Not sure how or when I grew out of it, but by the time I started playing Halo 3, I didn't get mad often, even though I was in the game, and even when I did, I wouldn't let it get to me.

    Hell, nowadays when someone totally destroys me, I often send a friendly message about how well they did. Half the time they say "Thanks, you played good too!", and the other half, I get a "That's right, you're garbage!" response, which just makes me laugh now.

    I know all this seems silly in the context of "it's just a game!" but if I could write off every flash of anger in a multiplayer match as "it's just a game!" (now or back then), it really wouldn't be much of a serious hobby, would it? I most likely wouldn't even be on this board right now if everything was "just a game".

    I do like to take some pride in the sense that even as an idiot teenager, I didn't let anonymity or the knowledge I'd never need to reconcile with this person prevent me from remembering some manners. I'm sure plenty of other people out there do too. The opposite of this has happened to me, after all.

    I'm interested to find out if any of the rest of you guys (especially my fellow Halo players here!) have anything similar to share.

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