CryEngine 3 trailer shows off shiny Crysis 3 tech

At this early hour of the morning, treat your brain to what it really wants--to stare blankly at pretty things which require no processing or thought. Huzzah, then, for a new trailer from Crytek showing off CryEngine 3, its cross-platform engine powering Crysis 3 and other games.

The trailer highlights real-time volumetric cloud shadows, pixel-accurate displacement mapping, tessellated vegetation, composite 3D lens flare, procedural HDR flares and shapes, real-time global illumination, dynamic water volume caustics, real-time volumetric fog shadows, real-time area lights, cloth simulation, and other tech features you don't fully understand but nod approvingly and say "Yes, that's good" when you see mention of them.

Crytek also recently released a video showing off its Cinebox cinematic tech.

Crysis 3 is slated to launch for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in February 2013.

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