Hero Academy delayed on Steam

The popular iOS strategy game Hero Academy was set to hit Steam yesterday, but a last-minute issue has delayed the game until it can be fixed. Those of you itching to throw down as the new Team Fortress 2 classes will have to wait a little longer.

"The issue only seems to affect a small portion of players, but we're not comfortable shipping the game until we've resolved it," Robot Entertainment's Justin Korthof told Joystiq. "We know it's a nuisance for players who were excited to start playing yesterday, but it's important to us that Hero Academy is at its best when it's released."

The official date on Steam has been changed to August 16, but Korthof says the team is "optimistic" that it can beat that placeholder date. "We want to release the highest quality game possible, and we're working hard to get this issue resolved quickly," he said. In an official tweet this morning, the team says it "made really good progress last night" and will continue testing today.