Rubik's-sized Ouya to support four players

The Ouya Kickstarter comes to a close late this evening, and it is conceivable the project will break $8 million in pledges. With the company getting 800 percent more than it was originally asking, it has been adding more supported games and features. Now, it was revealed the Rubik's Cube-sized Android console will support four controllers. In her most recent update, Ouya CEO Julie Urhman said that supporters who pledged $99 for the console and one controller can increase their pledge another $90 and get four controllers. She also said that the company is in negotiations with Namco Bandai to bring some as-of-yet-undisclosed titles to the platform. Fans can vote for what they want on Namco's Facebook page. Square Enix has already promised Final Fantasy 3 for when the console launches, and Robotoki will offer an exclusive game at a later time.

$99 supporters can add $90 to their pledge for three more of these.