Rumour: Thief 4 switched to next-gen consoles

It's been three years since Thief 4 was announced by Deus Ex: Human Revolution developer Eidos Montreal yet we still have seen neither hide nor hair of the sneak 'em up revival. Some had speculated that the game was in trouble, and now rumours are whirling around that development has switched to next-generation consoles.

The rumours first popped up in the gossip section of OXM UK's latest--and who wouldn't trust gossip?--then CVG chimed in to say that its mysterious sources confirmed it. I don't have any assets in the field, myself.

Several departures from the Thief 4 team and the supposed cancellation of a big reveal once planned for December 2011 sparked June's rumours of development troubles, though of course every workplace loses staff members every now and then. If Eidos Montreal and owner Square Enix decided to go next-gen, scrapping a reveal would only be sensible.

We would apologise to Eidos for using the 'Thi4f' logo in this story, as we're sure they sorely regret ever making it, but alas it's the only remotely Thief 4-y image out there. That's on you, chaps.