Persona 4 Arena Xbox 360 lag patch incoming

Persona 4 Arena landed on North American store shelves but if you picked the fighting game up on Xbox 360 and found it a bit laggy, fear not; a patch is coming. Publisher Atlus has also issued reassurances about the huge amount of launch-day DLC for BlazBlue developer Arc System Works' curious spin-off from the widely-admired RPG series.

The Xbox 360 lag patch is "in rapid development," Atlus said, and will be released "as soon as possible." So that's good, or will be when it arrives.

Persona 4 Arena launched alongside a whopping 16 pieces of DLC, including $2 packs of glasses, $3 voices and $6 bundles, but Atlus says not to worry. "The content is assured to be entirely cosmetic, offering passionate fans a chance to further customize their characters and play experiences without affecting the game's critical balance and mechanics," it said.

So, P4A, then. Do you plan to pick it up, or what do you make of it if you already have?

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