Uncharted 3 1.13 patch adds tournament system

It's been about nine months since Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception was released, and the multiplayer community is still going strong. That longevity is partly due to continued support from Naughty Dog, which has yet another patch planned for release today. According to the developer, it's the biggest one yet.

According to the PlayStation Blog, the patch lays the groundwork for new DLC to start hitting next week. It will be unlocked by completing certain levels or collecting treasure sets, or you can just purchase the items as a shortcut. The patch also introduces a Tournament System, a points-based competition with reward tiers that can be unlocked until the next tournament starts. You get 10 tournament tickets per period, but you can buy more as well. In other words, these moves are very similar to the free-to-play model in a full retail game.

In the comments, community strategist Eric Monacelli urged one skeptical fan to "Watch the tournament system video before you pass judgement," and assured that purchasing tickets isn't necessary to gain the tournament items.

The game will also be adding block mesh maps in the future through The Lab, along with various balance adjustments.