Darksiders 2 'Arena Challenge' mode and New Game+ revealed

Oh, what a bother it was when you finish a single-player game's campaign and must find something else to while away the dragging hours of your life! With Darksiders 2, however, you'll be able to return in New Game+ mode or jump into a wave survival mode, publisher THQ announced today. In "Arena Challenge," you'll face 100 unique waves of nasties to beat to pieces. Every five levels, you'll be offered a choice between taking a prize and cashing out or fighting on for greater prizes. It's risky, though, as you get nothing if you die. You lose. Good day sir. Then New Game+ mode, you know, it's New Game+. You'll start the campaign over at a higher difficulty but with all the shiny abilities, trinkets and baubles you'd collected. Like New Game+. "The Arena Challenge Mode and the New Game+ function are the perfect way to continue building the ultimate Death even after finishing the main game," VP of global brand marketing Jim Huntley said in the announcement. "This upgraded and customized character can then be carried over into the upcoming DLC campaign missions." Darksiders 2 is coming to PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 next week, on August 14. A Wii U version is in the works too, slated to launch alongside Nintendo's shiny new box later this year.

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