Anno 2070: Deep Ocean expansion priced and dated

"Ooh," you may have said in reaction to the announcement of Anno 2070's Deep Ocean add-on. "A proper expansion pack, we don't see many of those nowadays, it's all DLC this and DLC that. But when's it coming out, and for how much?" I probably would've replied, "Yes, DLC, I know, stop going on about it. And no, I don't know." But I do now, because Ubisoft dated and priced it yesterday.

It'll launch on October 4, priced at $29.99. There.

"Actually new content enclosed will give you access to an additional Techs' civilization level, and thus to a brand new population best known as the Genius one extending gameplay features," Ubisoft explains on the official site. Perhaps I'd better explain instead.

Deep Ocean introduces a new faction, the Techs, whose Genius population class let them poke around deep underwater and supercharge energy production with geothermal plants. The expansion also packs new natural disasters, 150 quests, hostile takeovers, and other shiny newsness.