Carmack: Nothing exciting about Windows 8

First, Valve boss Gabe Newell went on the record as saying Windows 8 is a bit of a catastrophe. Now, id Software's John Carmack says there is nothing he is looking forward to in the new operating system and that he is quite content with Windows 7.

Speaking at QuakeCon 2012, Carmack told the audience during his keynote that there is nothing exciting about Windows 8. "Windows XP did everything we needed for quite awhile," he said, "Hardly anyone at id used Vista." When Windows 7 came out, Carmack added, it was a bit more attractive because it did some things better and faster, so there is no reason for him to consider switching to Windows 8.

Well, there may be one reason. He joked that with Doom 3 BFG coming out for PC soon, he probably should do some testing with it.