Mass Effect 3 for Wii U includes interactive comic covering first two games

Mass Effect 3 marks the first time BioWare's sci-fi RPG franchise is available on a Nintendo home console. However, won't players feel a bit out of the loop by jumping into the end of the trilogy? BioWare isn't planning on bringing the first two Mass Effect games onto the Wii U. But, they are offering something.

As with Mass Effect 2 on PlayStation 3, BioWare is prepping another interactive comic, one that spans not only Mass Effect 1, but 2 as well.

As in "Genesis" for PS3, you'll be able to make key decisions from the first two story campaigns. Will Wrex survive your abbreviated run through Mass Effect 1? Who will you side with in Mass Effect 2's climax? The abbreviated animated walkthrough will give Nintendo players a chance to play Mass Effect 3 with many of the galaxy-altering decisions that shape the finale... without the effort of having to play through 40-odd hours of gameplay.