Virtual reality Kickstarter endorsed by Carmack, Bleszinski

Another Kickstarter is grabbing funds and the attention of some big names in gaming. The "Oculus Rift" virtual reality headset is raising funds to create a development kit, so that studios can begin toying with the device. The project isn't trying to bring the product to market for consumers yet, as the plan seems to rely on first gaining strong third-party support.

To that end, the Kickstarter project carries endorsements from John Carmack of id Software, Cliff Bleszinski of Epic Games, Gabe Newell and Michael Abrash of Valve, and David Helgason of Unity. It's a fairly impressive line-up, and Oculus promises that the SDK will be easy to integrate with existing games.

The company was aiming for a project goal of $250,000, but has already surpassed it with nearly a million dollars in its first few days. It still has 29 days to go, which gives Oculus plenty of time to think through push goals for the extra funds.