Jagged Alliance: Crossfire hitting in September

Jagged Alliance: Back in Action succeeded in remaking and revamping the tactical series, by most accounts, and a standalone expansion pack's on the way with the first properly new Jagged Alliance story in a decade. Publisher Kalypso media today narrowed down the previous summer release window for Jagged Alliance: Crossfire down to September, so it could just sneak into the sunny season or slip into forbidding fall. See, that's the news, really. It's coming out in September. There are new screenshots, too, which you can look at with your eyes, but that's all. So let's recap a little. Crossfire's new campaign is billed as lasting 15-20 hours, sending your mercs to ten maps across Khanpaa. You can hire ten new mercs too, and arm them with new weapons. Okay, here are these screenshots I mentioned before, all right?

New Crossfire screenshots