Payday: The Heist 'Wolfpack' DLC out next week

No committed criminal wants to run out of crimes to commit, so Overkill Software is bringing a new set of daring misdeeds to Payday: The Heist in a $10 DLC pack named 'Wolfpack.' It'll add another two naughty escapades, along with an extra character, more weapons, and other odds and ends. The new heists will have you running interference for a back-alley deal, and stopping whistle-blowers from telling The Man about a money printing racket, producer Oliver Smith said on the PlayStation Blog. New firepower in the form off a handgun, assault rifle and grenade launcher will help you out. Or, if you're playing the new Technician class, you can deploy a sentry turret. Tidy. Wolfpack launches in Europe today, but won't arrive in North America until Tuesday, August 7. Surely the PC edition will get the DLC today, though; it'd be ruddy daft if not.

The first Wolfpack screenshot