Hitman: Sniper Challenge finally hits PC today

Aspiring murderers-for-hire who pre-ordered Hitman: Absolution have been able to play the exclusive standalone sniping minigame Hitman: Sniper Challenge since May 15, but PC killers have been left sullenly polishing their gun. No longer! It's finally launching on PC today, so shave that head sharpish and tidy up your tie, scruff bucket--you have men to shoot.

You'll want to hit up the official site to redeem your code. Then you can show this console punks what a real sniper can do when armed with a mouse.

Developer IO Interactive is also winding up to show off the PC edition of Absolution for the first time at Gamescom later this month. Fingers crossed it's a careful and loving port.

"IO is fully committed to delivering a PC version of Hitman: Absolution that lives up to the high standards of our PC community," Hitman brand director Jon Brooke said in the announcement. "Hitman: Sniper Challenge will give them a first taste of what's to come."

Hitman: Absolution launches on November 20. IO showed off a whopping seventeen minutes of gameplay, so peep that, then watch this for a little more on the Sniper Challenge: