Square Enix promises Final Fantasy 3 at OUYA launch

The Android-powered OUYA console has just gotten another notable company in line with its launch plans. Square Enix, the Japanese company responsible for the Final Fantasy series, has committed to launching Final Fantasy III alongside the console next year. The company also promised continued support for the platform in the future.

Square Portal (via VG247) reports that the announcement promises a free demo to align with OUYA's requirements, and that it will be optimized for the device.

Keep in mind this isn't Final Fantasy VI, which was released in the US as FF3. Instead, it's a game that had previously only been released in Japan. It got a DS remake in 2006, and that remake was already brought to Android for $15.99. Optimizing for OUYA should be easy enough for Square to pull off. Final Fantasy 3 was the first to introduce a job system, so if you're interested in a little series history with your gaming it might be a good one to pick up.