Hybrid trailer explains persistent world war

It's not all fun and games bouncing around Scribblenauts creator 5th Cell's

Hybrid, as each round of the 3v3 multiplayer shooter affects a persistent over-arching world war between the two factions. With Hybrid's release on XBLA in the Summer of Arcade looming near, a new trailer from 5th Cell explains just how it all works.

Yes, as you jetpack around, ignore gravity, crouch behind cover and shoot faces, each match will affect a giant world map divided into smaller regions. Gaining control of a region for your faction pushes you closer to snatching precious dark matter. Controlling regions also lets you unlock unique passive bonuses to help out the war effort.

Once one faction collects 100 blobs of dark matter, or 'points' as some might know them, they win the season and it resets to start afresh. But, distinguish the winner and the loser, the factions are respectively given a wearable gleaming helm or paper bag.

Hybrid arrives on XBLA next week for $15 (1200 Microsoft Points).

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