Arma 2 Czech Republic DLC rolls out today

Yeah yeah sure zombies great, but what about army men? For those who like to get together with their chums and simulate a little military action, Bohemia Interactive today launched its 'Army of the Czech Republic' DLC for Arma 2: Combined Operations. It brings shiny newness including vehicles, weapons, missions, and fittingly for this fine weather, two summery terrains. As you may have guessed, Army of the Czech Republic lets you play as the Czech Republic's army. They have their own vehicles, like the L-159 Alca jet and Pandur II APC, and weapons including the CZ Scorpion EVO 3 submachine gun and CZ-805 BREN assault rifle. You know, army stuff. You get to play with this toys in a 15-mission campaign, plus multiplayer and all that jazz. You can buy the add-on now direct from Bohemia for $12. A Steam release is due mid-August.

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