Knytt Underground announced for PC, PS3, Vita

NightSky developer Nicklas 'Nifflas' Nygren is bringing his celebrated platformer series Knytt to PlayStation 3 and Vita with Knytt Underground, a new entry also headed to PC, Mac and Linux. Knytt, in short, is a series of 2D platformers with tight controls and a metroidvania-y way of giving you new ways to get around. The original Knytt and sequel Knytt Stories are freeware, so download them to see what it's all about. "Knytt Underground is the biggest game I've ever developed and is the first game where I feel that I have a story to tell," Nifflas said in the announcement. "It's about the big questions; trying to understand life and our place in it - and failing completely." Knytt Underground's downloadable release will come "later this year." Nifflas is collaborating with Green Hill on it, and Ripstone is publishing.

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