Farming Simulator 2013 coming to consoles too

PC peeps have long enjoyed giving the gag gift of unusual simulators from Europe, and now consolemaniacs can join in on the fun too. Publisher Focus Home Interactive yesterday announced that Farming Simulator 2013 will come to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, as well as PC. Maybe consoleers will get in on the fun of making absurd parody videos too. Farming Simulator 2013, as its name implies, simulates running a farm. You get to drive dozens of strange and wonderful farming vehicles as you tend to your farm, from tractors to combine harvesters. Supplies and equipment most be bought, produce sold, and a profit turned. Multiplayer's tarted up a bit for this iteration too, for you to farm with your crew. While games simulating farming, driving buses or cleaning streets may be curious novelties to North America, they can be huge in Europe. Farming Simulator 2011 sold over 500,000 copies in France and Germany alone. Farming Simulator 2013 is out on PC in October, then ploughs through consoles in Q1 2013.

Farming to the max