WWE '13 adds imploding rings, more lively commentary

The commentary in WWE wrestling matches has always been fun to listen to. Whether you have Jerry Lawler verbally sparring with Michael Cole or JR Ross commenting in his Oklahoma drawl, the back-and-forth has always been as entertaining as what was going on in the ring. Now, WWE '13 is attempting to bring that commentary to the new game.

The new video released shows dynamic commentary behind what is going on in the ring. With the Attitude Era being a major component of the new game, Ross and his commentary will play a bigger role in the game than he does now on WWE Raw on Monday Nights.

Other "reality" aspects are being added such as the possibility of imploding rings (logical when Big Show slams Mark Henry to his back from the top rope) and a more interactive audience oohing, aahing and cheering when big moves happen in the ring. You know its all fake, but seeing Austin fling his opponent from the top of a steel cage into a table below never gets old.

The game hits Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii on October 30.

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