Tera teases 'Argon Queen' update

A free update is set to hit Tera next month, which will tweak some classes and add a variety of new content. En Masse is calling this update its biggest yet, with buffs to Warriors and Lancers, PVP, and more.

The biggest adjustment for some players will be focused on making a few of the classes more versatile. Warriors will be buffed to serve as tanks, and the Lancer will get increased agility to dodge enemy attacks. It will also add 15-on-15 battlegrounds in Fraywind Canyon, a 10-person raid in the Nexus Traverse, and a few new dungeons. If you want to try out the game before the update hits, the game recently kicked off a 7-day free trial. Check out the trailer below to see a glimpse of the Argon Queen.

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